Do you know where to find the best air conditioner repair services? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered. We know that San Antonio summers can be scorchers. Stepping outside can feel like you are walking directly into an oven. Temperatures soar, even reaching the triple digits on multiple occasions throughout the season. Heat advisories are announced with no expiration, and red flag warnings are put into effect for the majority (if not all) of the season. 

For those of us who choose to stick it out through the extremes of feeling like you might spontaneously combust at any moment, we know just how important air conditioner repair is when you need it the most. Let’s take a look at how 1st Call can help prevent the need for AC repair, how we can take care of repairing your air conditioner when it needs it, and what to do if repair is not an option. 


The first step to preventing the need for excessive air conditioner repair is to have it installed correctly. When an air conditioner is installed incorrectly, it can lead to many things going wrong. Parts can become broken easily when they are not put in place properly. Screws and bolts can come loose and go missing. In some cases, an incorrectly installed air conditioner might not even work or will stop working shortly after being installed. 

1st Call knows how to install almost any make and model of air conditioner, and we know how to do it right the first time. By installing your HVAC unit correctly, you can ensure that everything is where it needs to be for proper operation. Other than the typical wear and tear that this equipment experienced regularly, there should be no major mishaps, at least not due to installation issues that is! 

Preventative Maintenance

The second step to preventing the need for excessive air conditioner repair is to have regular preventative maintenance performed on it. Consistent maintenance or service for your HVAC unit typically includes an inspection where a professional HVAC technician takes a look at your unit to see if there are any early signs of trouble. 

Rust, broken or missing pieces, weird sounds, debris, or a number of other things can cause an issue down the road, so the professional will look for these things and take care of them when they are spotted. This helps to ensure that nearly every preventable problem has been adequately anticipated. 

how to prevent the need for air conditioner repair


Now that we have talked about some ways to prevent the need for air conditioner services, let’s chat about HVAC repair when you need it the most. When something happens to your air conditioning in the heat of the summer, you want it fixed as soon as possible. 1st Call services most, if not all, major HVAC brands, and we have the experience to inspect and diagnose the source of the problem. If you decide to opt for repairs for any common HVAC problems, such as a noisy unit, a shutdown AC, or uneven cool air dispersal through the home, you can trust us to work quickly and effectively.


While many air conditioner repair problems can be solved fairly easily, sometimes repair just will not cut it. In these circumstances, air conditioner replacement might be the way to go. Our professional technicians will explain all of your options thoroughly so you can make a well-informed decision on how you would like to move forward. 

Have questions? In need of air conditioner repair? Find yourself searching for “Air Conditioner Repair Near Me?” Get in touch with our team today for all your HVAC repair needs.