As a homeowner, there are often many circumstances that are out of your control, yet still instigate a feeling of fear or dread. One of the most common worries for homeowners is the loss of power. There are many detrimental outcomes that can occur as a result of a power outage, and many of the causes of a power outage are out of the hands of the homeowner. It is understandable that this scenario could invoke immense anxiety, however, there are solutions! 

One of the most common approaches to this scenario is by investing in backup generators. Many homeowners have found relief in knowing that they have a backup plan ready to go if they do happen to lose power for any reason. Let’s take a look at what backup generators are, why you may need one, and how 1st Call can help. 

What is a Backup Generator? 

A backup generator serves as an alternative source of power when the electricity goes out. These units utilize gas or liquid propane to convert energy into electricity, thus supplying power to your home until the electricity can be restored. As long as your unit has propane, it will work to keep your household fully powered, or as close to it as possible. 

Why You Need a Backup Generator

There are a number of scenarios that can lead to power outages, such as extreme inclement weather, frequent construction, and more. Many homeowners find peace of mind in knowing there is a solution on hand for when these scenarios arise. In addition to peace of mind, however, there are a handful of other benefits that come from having a backup generator

Electronic Charging

Maintaining power via a backup generator ensures that you have the ability to keep your electronics fully charged. This can be extremely important in natural disasters and devastating storms as you may need to get ahold of emergency services. 

Appliance Usage

Uninterrupted power means that you and your household will be able to continue to use your appliances as normal as well. This includes your fridge, microwave, electric stoves and ovens, and more, allowing you to boil water if needed and cook hot meals. 

Climate Control 

In addition to your appliances running normally, your heating and cooling systems can continue to operate as well. This means that you and your household can remain comfortable in a controlled climate, which is extremely beneficial when it is winter snowstorms or tornadoes in the heat of summer that take your power out. 

No Food Waste

When the power goes out without a backup generator, it is common knowledge to keep the fridge and freezers shut at all times unless absolutely necessary. This keeps the cool air in, preserving your refrigerated and frozen foods for as long as possible. With a backup generator, this precaution is not necessary, and you can avoid excessive food waste. 

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Backup Generator Services with 1st Call

As you can see, there are many benefits to having backup generators. If you have been searching for “backup generators near me,” look no further than 1st Call. In addition to providing HVAC services, we also offer backup generator services, and our talented team can assist you with any additional questions you may have. Get in touch with us today.