By now, you are probably familiar with the fact that we offer professional drain cleaning services. You may even know what these services entail. However, are you aware of the various ways to tell when you need to utilize these drain cleaning services? There are a handful of telltale signs that your drains may need some additional attention and a handful of causes of clogs as well. Let’s take a look at these signs, discuss why professional services over DIY approaches are recommended, and see how 1st Call can help! 

Slow Drains

One of the most noticeable signs that you need drain cleaning is when your drains begin to move a little bit slower. If it takes longer for all of the water to empty out of your sink or tub, this could be a good indication that there is something clogging your plumbing system. Often, this involves an obstruction or a substance that is prohibiting water from moving freely within your pipes. In some circumstances, it may be necessary to utilize diagnostic tools to determine exactly what the culprit is before the drain can be cleaned. 

Unusual Smells

Drains that aren’t…draining can result in a backup of substances that lead to unpleasant or unusual odors. Because your plumbing system isn’t effectively moving this waste along, it sits in your pipes, waiting for you to catch a whiff. If you have begun to notice these smells lingering, it could be a good sign that you need drain cleaning. 

Frequent Clogs

Another sign that you need to call in reinforcements for professional drain cleaning is the presence of recurring or frequent clogs. A clogged drain here or there might not be cause for a state of emergency, but if these become a regular occurrence in your household, it could be an indication of a bigger problem bubbling beneath the surface. 

Gurgling or Bubbling

Speaking of bubbling, if you notice this sound or the sounds of gurgling when your sinks or tubs are draining, it may be time for deeper digging. This is often a sign that something isn’t quite right within your plumbing system, as water should be able to drain quickly and quietly. 

Multiple Drains

Lastly, if the issue with your drain extends beyond just one sink or tub, you could have a bigger fish to fry than a simple clog. As soon as you notice more than one drain having problems, it’s best to call in the experts, as it could be a sign of a main sewer line clog

Why Not DIY? 

While some minor plumbing problems can typically be solved with DIY approaches, we highly recommend you seek out our professional drain cleaning services if you notice any of the above signs. Many of the DIY methods for clogged drains include harsh chemicals that can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Keep yourself and your home safe, and get a professional to help. 

Drain Cleaning With 1st Call

Speaking of professionals, if you are in need of assistance with drain services, or any other plumbing services, 1st Call can help. Stop searching for “drain cleaning services near me” and give us a call today!