As a homeowner, you may be looking for ways to cut down on expenses, especially with prices on the rise for many commodities. This leads many homeowners to try their hands at DIY plumbing and heating projects. While some maintenance projects may be easy to do yourself, there are several that really require the assistance of a professional. Let’s take a look at these problems that should be left to the pros, and see how 1st Call can help! 


Flooding in or around your home can come about quickly when it is due to a broken plumbing fixture or a burst pipe. Excess water sitting in your basement or other areas of your house can lead to extensive damage, both cosmetically and structurally. When a serious problem like this occurs, it’s best to not delay repair by trying to diagnose and fix it yourself. Calling in a professional will ensure that the root of the issue is addressed as quickly as possible, preventing as much damage to your home as you can. 

Standing or Pooling Water

Similar to flooding, standing or pooling water in or around your home could be indicative of a leak or break in your plumbing system. Often, these are slow leaks that become more apparent over time, and the source of the water can be more difficult to locate. When you notice standing or pooling water, it’s best to call in a professional plumber instead of tackling the project yourself. 


For serious clogs or plumbing fixtures that are continually draining far too slow, it may be time to call a pro. We’re not talking about a backed-up toilet that clears after using a plunger, we’re referring to clogged sinks or showers or other drains that simply will not clear up. Using drain snakes or drain cleaners can be potentially harmful if not utilized correctly, so we advise against doing so, and instead having your local plumber handle the issue! 


Whether you have a new build that you need to install plumbing or HVAC fixtures in, or you have an existing home and you want to replace the appliances, having a professional do the installation is always the safest bet. This ensures that the installation is completed properly from the very beginning, preventing the need for excessive repairs, or worse! 

Repairs or Modifications

While regular plumbing and HVAC maintenance can often be performed by homeowners, extensive repairs or modifications to your plumbing or heating systems should only be done by professionals. There are a lot of moving pieces that go into plumbing and heating systems, and each of them must be properly handled to ensure the entire system keeps operating as it should. Trained professionals know what’s what and what needs to be done. Be sure to go with a pro to make sure things are done right! 

Skip the DIY – Have 1st Call Handle It! 

Whenever any plumbing and heating issues arise with your home, be sure to get in touch with the experts at 1st Call. Don’t waste time searching for “plumbers San Antonio” or “plumbing and heating near me” when you can call our team instead! Have questions about potential plumbing problems? Need routine maintenance performed on your HVAC system? We can help, give us a call today.