Perhaps you have heard of hard water. Maybe you even know that you have hard water in your area. Because of this, you may have started looking into solutions. A water softener is an effective method of addressing hard water in your home, and there are many reasons that you should consider getting one! Let’s check out the top benefits of water softener installation for your home, and see how 1st Call can help! 

1. Softer Skin 

The first notable benefit of having a water softener installed in your home is that you will be enjoying softer, healthier skin! Hard water can take a toll on your skin, leaving it deprived of moisture and nutrients, looking dull and flaky. Softer water means softer skin, and you will end up feeling cleaner and more refreshed after your showers as well!

2. Shinier Hair

Just like with your skin, hard water can strip your hair of essential nutrients and moisture. This leaves your hair susceptible to breakage and looking limp and lifeless. By investing in a water softener for your home, you can inject the life back into your hair, restoring it to its natural shiny and strong state! 

3. Cleaner Clothes

Hard water can result in soap scum and buildups on your clothing, even after several trips through the washer. This can result in your clothes smelling musty or dingy, or even appearing dirty still. With a water softener, your soap will be able to perform its job better, working with the water instead of battling against it, leaving your clothes smelling as good as new and feeling even better when you wear them! 

4. Spotless Dishes

Have you been noticing spots and soap scum on your dishes and glasses after washing them? This can be an indication that you are dealing with hard water. Investing in water softener installation for your home can cut down on these spots and specks, giving you clean dishes that you don’t have to scrub and re-scrub before they’re presentable! 

5. Safer for Plumbing

Hard water can be especially hard on your plumbing system. Due to the excess minerals in hard water, your pipes could experience scale buildup, which may lead to other plumbing problems. A water softener makes your water more gentle in general, meaning your plumbing system will experience less wear and tear over time. Bonus! This can actually save you money from having to do repeated repairs or more frequent replacements! 

5 Benefits of Water Softener Installation for Your Home

Water Softener Installation with 1st Call 

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