As a homeowner, chances are you will deal with a clogged drain at some point. This is one of the most common plumbing issues that people run into, so it can be beneficial to understand what causes clogs and why there is a need for drain clearing. Keep reading to find out what leads to clogged drains and how 1st Call can help! 

Hair & Fur

You may have noticed that your shower drain becomes clogged after washing your hair, especially if you simply let all of your loose strands wash away. This causes the water to drain slowly and can lead to pooling water in the bottom of your tub. When adding soap or grease to the clumps of hair, it becomes an even bigger problem that requires a professional’s assistance. If you want to avoid having clogged drains due to hair, invest in drain guards or catches that you can empty often. 

Dirt & Minerals

While we often use our sinks and showers to wash off dirt, we may not typically think of that same dirt being a potential problem for your drains. However, dirt and other natural minerals can easily clump together and form larger obstructions within your plumbing system. It can then become difficult for water to break these apart into smaller pieces that will flush away. In order to prevent this from becoming an issue, either rinse off outdoors or brush off large chunks of dirt before hopping into the shower. 


We may not be rinsing a lot of food down shower drains but our kitchen sinks sure do see a lot of food waste. While we have garbage disposals to help break down the food we’re rinsing away, there is only so much they can help with. At times, food can be too tough, too large, or too sticky for the garbage disposal to work properly, leading to clogged drains that need professional attention. 

TP & Cotton Products

Toilet paper should be flushable, right? While it is, and is generally easily broken down within the plumbing system, there are times when too much is flushed at once, resulting in your pipes becoming overwhelmed and clogged. Similarly, there are other toiletries that should not be flushed ever, such as any cotton products like tampons or pads. These products do not break down easily, and they absorb an immense amount of water, which results in them increasing in size and clogging your drains. 


It may seem a bit confusing that soap can actually clog your drains when it is meant to assist with cleaning, but it’s true! Soap residue or soap scum can build up on the inside of your plumbing, resulting in clogged drains in your sinks and showers. Attempting to remove these accumulations yourself can be difficult and potentially hazardous depending on what method you try. 

Common Causes for Clogs & the Need for Drain Clearing - 1st Call Plumbing Heating & Air

Professional Drain Clearing

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